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A debt counsellor issues a debt review clearance certificate after completing the debt review process and settling all debts, indicating that you and your debt are no longer under review. […]

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Debt review, introduced in 2007 by the National Credit Act, is a debt relief measure in South Africa that helps over-indebted consumers avoid blacklisting and the consequences of over indebtedness. […]

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A free, no-obligation debt review assessment determines eligibility for debt review, conducted by a debt counsellor, assessing income, expenses, and debts. […]

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The National Credit Act provides you with legal protection while under debt review legislation, preventing harassment and unfair debt collection practices for over-indebted consumers. […]

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Debt review is crucial for South Africans struggling with unmanageable debt, taking 3 to 5 years to complete depending on individual circumstances. […]

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Debt counsellors are skilled professionals with expertise in negotiating with creditors, understanding debt review processes, legal regulations, and relationships to secure better repayment terms and reduce emotional stress.

Under debt review, you make a monthly payment to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA), who distributes funds according to your negotiated repayment plan, with a debt counsellor working with you.

The debt review process, under the National Credit Act, provides legal protection to over-indebted individuals from harassment and unfair debt collection practices.

Debt Review is a process introduced by the National Credit Act, requiring successful registration with an approved debt counsellor.

South Africans struggling with car payments face the possibility of car repossessions, a form of loan agreement where the borrower commits to a contract.

The National Credit Act introduced debt review in 2007 to help South Africans escape debt, saving thousands from asset loss and blacklisting.

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