Fuelled up and fed up

The act of grabbing your car keys can be likened to depositing money into a large bank of expenses, such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, groceries, and time. The fuel price\’s unpredictable mood swings, mostly upward, are making trips outside the home feel like a taxing expedition on stretched budgets. However, there are smart strategies and helpful tips to help navigate these financial waters. Join us in achieving financial savvy together.

Clutch controlling on a financial uphill.

South Africa\’s e-commerce industry has experienced a 40% annual growth between 2020 and 2022. Initially introduced during the pandemic, online shopping has become convenient and convenient. However, the real question is whether online shopping is lightening or burdening our wallets. Investigating this digital shopping phenomenon will provide a thrilling ride.

The burning issue of grocery runs.

Online shopping offers endless possibilities for grocery trips, but it can be expensive for larger hauls. While it may be more budget-friendly for small purchases like milk, it can be a significant burden for larger grocery hauls, especially when stores aren\’t nearby. Understanding the costs and benefits of online shopping can help determine if it truly benefits the consumer.

Petrol and groceries don\’t mix.

With the fuel price growing like a body builder at around R22 per Liter is a significant concern for South Africans, as most drive between 15 to 25 minutes for grocery shopping. With an average city driving speed of 60 km/h, a 15-minute trip to the grocery store covers around 15km, while a 25-minute trip covers about 25km. The average round trip to the grocery store is about 20km, and if repeated five times a month, the total cost is R222. for groceries. This is a rough estimate, and the actual cost may vary depending on your car\’s fuel efficiency and the distance traveled. To save on this expense, consider using the Checkers Sixty60 app\’s R99 per month subscription service for unlimited deliveries. This could be a great option for weekly shoppers or those who prefer shopping in person for fresh goods.

Never face the mall at month end again.

End of the month grocery shopping can be a nightmare, especially when with kids. Long queues, decoding special deals, and loading and unloading cars can be exhausting, costing both fuel and time. Online shopping may offer a solution to this issue, as it provides convenience and may reduce impulse buys.

Avoiding impulsive shopping with your mobile.

Online shopping has become a powerful tool in combating impulse purchases. Apps like Checkers Sixty60, Pick ‘n Pay ASAP!, and Woolworths Dash allow users to keep their basket open, allowing them to easily add items and pay when they\’re ready. This smart shopping method eliminates the need to walk past the snack aisle and fill up with sneaky items. Additionally, online shopping updates the total amount of an item, allowing users to stay within budget. For a wallet-friendly grocery shopping experience, consider switching to an online grocery store, as it can save money and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Share your preferred online shopping method and tips for great online stores in the comments below.