How long is debt review?

Debt review is crucial for South Africans struggling with unmanageable debt, taking 3 to 5 years to complete, depending on individual circumstances, as each plan varies and the process varies from person to person.

How does debt review work?

The National Credit Act introduced debt review in 2007 to assist South African consumers over-indebted. This process prevents blacklisting, asset loss, or involuntary administration. Debt review helps individuals meet minimum credit obligations by restructuring debt and extending repayment terms. It protects assets like vehicles and homes, ensuring monthly living expenses. A personalized assessment determines the duration of the debt review process and the reduced repayment amount. Contact a debt counselor for immediate financial relief from monthly credit obligations.

Factors that affect how long debt review lasts

Your debt counsellor will negotiate a repayment plan with creditors that you can afford. The faster you pay towards your debt monthly, the faster you will become debt-free. Your commitment to keeping up with repayments and paying more towards your debt will help you exit debt review sooner.

How to get out of debt fast

Paying more towards debt can help you become debt-free faster. If your financial situation improves during debt review, paying more towards debt payments can speed up the process. Here are some tips to help.

  • Pay off debts with higher interest rates first
    Paying off higher-interest debt first can result in lower long-term interest payments. Learn about the debt avalanche method for effective debt payment strategies.
  • Use any lump sums or bonuses to pay off debt
    Utilize funds from tax returns, policies, work bonuses, commissions, or other lump sums to pay off debts.
  • Earn an extra income
    Monthly extra income can be generated through various methods such as office overtime, product sales, online freelance work, and online tutoring.
  • Lower your expenses
    To reduce rent, consider moving to a smaller home, trading in your car for a cheaper one, and avoiding luxuries after paying off debt.


Debt review, requiring registered counsellors and ethical guidelines, is highly effective in helping clients become debt-free. Commitment to paying off debt leads to faster debt-free living.