How our Debt Counselling, benefits you and your credit-score.

Debt counselling has a positive impact on credit scores, with successful completion resulting in significantly higher scores for over-indebted consumers compared to those who don\’t.

The take on Debt and Credit-score.

Founder of Debt Guides, emphasizes that a high credit score is primarily driven by debt repayment, regardless of debt counselling. Debt counselling offers structured, affordable ways to pay back borrowed debts.

Getting to know the Credit-score with us

The data reveals that over-indebted consumers who applied for debt counselling at Debt Guides typically completed their journey in under five years. The initial decline in credit scores is expected due to limited debt repayments, as per industry agreements. However, after finalizing negotiations and paying restructured, more affordable repayments, a steady increase in credit scores can be observed. By month 12, consumers\’ credit scores are on par with when they applied for debt counselling.

The significance of your Credit-score.

Credit score is crucial for financial reliability, as it is used by banks and landlords. Debt counselling aims to improve consumers\’ credit standing, making it as important as an ID number in the financial sector.

We are the answer for a greater Credit-score when your Over-indebted.

Debt counselling is an effective method for over-indebted consumers to restructure their debt, with clients securing vehicle finance and a new home loan within two and five months. Successful completion of the process leads to improved credit scores and a better long-term financial standing for dedicated consumers.